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Training are very essential to every worker, not only for familiarity but also for developing the skills that working have. Can help the employee to be easily hired but also the it can help the employ guarantee to have excellent service they promise the client. It is not only the employee to do extra mile for them to enhance their skills but also it must be the company’s practice to conduct weekly or monthly trainings especially there are new methods and techniques that were being develop to cater their clients more satisfying and to exceed their client’s expectation. 


There are many skills and knowledge to learn to and to give better service to the client. In this article you will be able to know some of the things to learn and give ideas in conducting training for your workers. A worker must be knowledgeable not only for one skill but it is more impressive if they can be Jack of all trades. For the company it is better if they will conduct such training that will be suggested in this article. 

Environmental Arboriculture 

The is a way of cultivating, managing and studying each trees, vines and other perennial woody plants. There are new ways of saving and taking in advance learning on how to take care of any woody plants. Through this type of training both the worker and manager will learn new ways on how to manage and cultivate each tree they will be working on. 

Climbing and New Equipment 

The moment there is a new arrival of a new equipment it is better for both the manager and the worker to be familiar to it. Through training they will be able to test and learn new techniques on how to use the new equipment. The equipment is essential to the climbing process especially if the equipment is design for it. Climbing trainings and equipment must be done regularly as the planned and organized days in a month. 

Tree Hazard 

This article is pretty much involved only in the tree worker training, learner to take care of the trees is a requirement of each worker. From its background to legal framework, formulation of risk management police, practical tree risk management and also the tree risk methods. These are just some of the topic needs to be learn by the worker who plans to join the tree service. 

Safety pre-caution 

This training must be conduct religiously. This is not just the safety of the company but most importantly it is for the safety of the worker will be on the field. The trainer himself must be licensed and certified expert and professional. 

The trainings the will be conduct is not just made randomly. It must be planned, organized and assess. Since, it will not only be applied in the training but most importantly they will be able to apply the things they learn the actual field. Trees are not just for displaying and designs, trees are life.

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